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Welcome to the Darkness

“When I was but a child, I played as a child with my toys. When I became a man I put my toys away and started using tools of those.”

These are the words we see sometimes, but otherwise we have to wonder where we have come from and where we are going. You have stumbled upon the darkness that is behind the curtain of the world and must justify your actions now. If anything consider yourself lucky. what tasks lay before you, is grander in some ways then you want to even think about.

So welcome all to these lands and from here, a strange brewing of power has begin. Be afraid of what you will find for you will be tested as well as seen to. You will be weighed and if you are unworthy then you will not see what the world comes

Teaser to the Setting

So this is the setting idea for the game. Play ing 900 A.D. in the middle of Europe in the World of Darkness as the Vampire the Masquerade setting. The catch is this, Can you change the Story that is known as cannon or will you cause a change? Will you bring an early gehenna, or perhaps you’ll uncover other worse things into the world. This is the idea of Dusk of the Eldest.

Main Page

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