Creation and Mechanics

What is allowed

This setting is a mix of the V20 and Vampire the Dark Ages setting. In basics if it isn’t covered in the V20 Book, then something may be pulled from the Dark ages books. All of this is up to decision of the GM though. So lets get down to the fun stuff.

Generation: What you need to know is that this is 900 A.D. being an 11th Generatoin is a curse and considered a down fall. Though the numbers are becoming more and more known they are not the same. So the starting for Generation is 11th. How low you can go depends on how well you can convince me. Lowest a PC will EVER be able to attain in the Play of game is 4th Generation

Clans: As this is the Dark ages, not all clans are around, and at the same time, some of them are about. What what can play is dependant on Character actions, as some will disapear or never be able to be chosen. What one can play is the following in the lands at the foot of the mountains.

Following are currently Not allowed: Tremere, Gargoyles, Catifs, Ahrimanes, Harbringer of Skulls, Giovanni, Blood Brothers, Kiaysd

Following are Restricted: Ventrue, Followers of Set, Assamites, Ravnos, True Brujah, Childern of Osiris, Nagaraja

Anything else: Ask and you will get told the answer, Bloodlines of allowed or REstricted will need some serious justification or Story

Coterie: It is suggested the group actually start into it as best as you can.

Creation rules

All starting PCs in this game would do best to write a base mortal and NOT spend the Freebie points. These PCs clans will be chosen by the story. Anything coming into the game After this will require justification for what clan and generation.

Experience Point Gain

This is a delicate topic as the characters will gain an amount of XP based upon the completion of arcs of the story. The more you complete in one sessions the more you will gain. As well as having the following modifiers.

  • Staying in Character: +1 XP. All to be done to help the game flow.
  • Disruptive Game Play: I don’t really need to explain this, do I? -1 xp
  • Sporking a Chapter: +1 Xp. No, I won’t tell you what you did to make it happen.
  • Making the GM Spit take: +2 XP. Seriously, you do this, then your good.
  • Causing the GM Grey Hairs: -1 to -3 XP. This can be anything form Rules Lawyering or out right insulting and putting other players down that sit around the table. I don’t take well to it. If you have a question for clarification then ask.

Creation and Mechanics

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